6 Things That Couple Should Do Together For A Better Relationship


When we are in love, every word and action to our partners made them feel appreciated and touched. Yet when they decided to stop loving you, you are simply annoying and being crazy if we do the exact same thing.

A relationship is definitely a strange and unexplainable phenomenon that everyone needs to go through in their lifetime. Here are some things couples can do in a relationship to improve the bonding and possible telltale signs where the love started to head towards the brutal truth.

The lower the routine meter is, the better.

By having a lower routine feeling, we will feel less dreadful and burden to repeat the same thing we do in a relationship. You might not agree to some of these sour possibilities mentioned here or simply brush off that these will not happen to you.

Human has this bystander effect or bystander apathy natural trait within themselves. This could possibly explain the development of depression, shock and other negative effects we display when an unhappy situation occurs.

Nevertheless, what’s important in a relationship is to identify the gradual mood swing and to avoid the possibility of causing a lovely action turning into a deadly weapon against the relationship. It is easy to fall in love but never easy to maintain a relationship.

Breakfast in Bed

Every now and then you might do up a lovely breakfast in bed which eventually lead to making love in bed after that. They do not want to plan anything for the day and just wanted quality moments together.

This is one of the greatest moment any couple would want to achieve. For an outsider or someone who does not understand what making love is, they might think such couples are sex animals. There is a fine line between making love and having sex. Couples who hit it right will create such moments regularly.

However, this might lead to developing a routine feeling. One or both parties will end up getting bored and might even dread participating or contributing. The initial resistance will be some nice reasons for no mood or wanting to have more sleep. It might turn sour if one of them tries various attempts to ensure they keep the breakfast in bed ritual.

Couple Shower

Personally, I feel this is the best thing every couple should do. There are many things that can be done during a couple shower. It does not necessarily be a steamy making love session, giving a good rub and massage can be fulfilling too. The possibility of getting a routine feel is relatively low for doing this.

Many fun things can be uniquely developed during couple shower which I felt this contributes the most in a successful relationship. You have to take note of your partner’s reaction to everything that happens in the shower room else you might end up doing something that is deemed disgusting. You really do not want to get banned from a couple shower, it is the silliest thing to do.

Cooking a Meal Together

You both first decided to whip up a meal because food outside is either boring or too expensive after dating for a while. This is the time you will experience each other cooking skills which in most instances, the food will taste good.

In the world of romance, even a burnt egg will taste good. In reality, we will try to avoid cooking if the first few attempts turned out to be horrible. Of course, loving couples are forgiving to each other and probably will be encouraged to cook more often. Things might feel routine eventually because one party will end up doing the dishes while the other will be the main chef.

It may become worse if the cook needs to wait for the partner to return home after work daily. When things happened this way, the spark and passion for cooking a meal will die off. I am not saying cooking is a bad idea, just be mindful not to make it become too routine.

Maintaining a Common Interest/Sports

Many relationships started at an interest or sports group as couples got to know each other from there. It is one of the ideal and easy to maintain thing to do in a relationship. However, try to avoid getting into a competitive environment. This will cause tension in the relationship and if neither side gives way for the sake of love, things might go downhill.

Watching Movies & Shopping

Activities such as watching movies and shopping should not be part of the dating plan when you are in a relationship. These should happen only during the courtship period as there are many no-go zones.

If these have been your activities on a regular basis in a relationship, it is time to ask yourself if you and your partner really enjoyed them. Or was it a routine where it’s movies every Friday, shopping every Saturday and Sunday rest at home.

To make things more interesting, you will go to your favorite dining places on an alternate week. Are these really the definition of enjoyment and fun in a relationship or simply put, complacent with what you got?

Heading Off for a Vacation

Honeymoon traveling has always been one of the best remedies to counter boredom in daily life. It does not mean you need to be newlywed to go on a honeymoon vacation. It literally means going on a trip as a couple to any location you wish to go.

All the planning, packing of luggage, discovery of local delicacies and places of interests create a new bonding each time a vacation happens. The waiting period before the trip creates eagerness in a person as well.

You might even start fantasizing naughty thoughts such as what to wear at a personal indoor pool or how to lead your partner to a steamy shower. There is plenty of room for creative ideas to spice up the romance during a vacation. Some people might even engage an amazing event organizer to give an unforgettable vacation to their partners. Just be mindful of your own financials when you do such a thing.

Plan things within your limit so as not to burn a hole in your pocket which might end up causing more stress and arguments when you are back in reality.