Ranking the “expensive slice” of the Fantasy Bra over the years (part 1)


Of the 24 Fantasy Brains that Victoria’s Secret has ever launched, the cheapest one is worth a fortune.

Each year, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show again introduces the fabulous Fantasy Bra, a unique underwear that is crafted with a myriad of diamonds, gems, of course, with a price tag equals a fortune. So far, Victoria’s Secret has released all 24 Fantasy Bra units, each one to leave a deep impression on the grave. After Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2018 has taken place, let’s rate the “terrible” of the legendary Fantasy Bra over the years.

2018: Dream Angels Fantasy Bra – 1 million USD

Fantasy Bra 2018 includes 2,100 white diamonds with a total weight of 71 carats and 930 hours to complete. At the lowest price, this is one of the most fantastic Fantasy Bra.

1996: Million Dollar Miracle Bra – 1 million USD

This is the first Fantasy Bra has the diamond that Victoria’s Secret introduced to the public. The angel was choose is Claudia Schiffer.

2010: Bombshell Fantasy Bra – 2 million USD

Made from 3,000 white diamonds, blue sapphire and topaz combined with white gold, the Fantasy Bra that the angel Adriana Lima represented in 2010 spent 1,500 hours to complete.

2014: Dream Angels Fantasy Bra – 2 million USD

In 2014, for the first time in history, VSFS launched a pair of “twin Bra” twins, each consisting of 16,000 sapphire, ruby and diamonds. The two older sisters, Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio. They have performed together in this fantasy bra, making one of the most beautiful moments of the show.

2015: Fireworks Fantasy Bra – 2 million USD

The Fantasy Bra was worn by the angel Lily Aldridge is comprised of 14 gem type with a total of 6,500 gems.

2017: Champagne Nights Fantasy Bra – 2 million USD

The Fantasy Bra was worn by the angel Lais Ribeiro is comprised of 6,000 diamonds, yellow sapphire and blue topaz with a total weight of over 600 carats.

2011: Fantasy Treasure Bra – 2,5 million USD

Miranda Kerr’s most memorable image during her years as Victoria’s Secret angel was when she performed Fantasy Bra with the theme of ocean treasures in 2011. The Fantasy Bra is made from 3,400 diamonds boys, aquamarine stones …

2012: Floral Fantasy Bra – 2,5 million USD

The angel Alessandra Ambrosio had been wearing a Fantasy Bra inspired by flowers with 5,200 sapphires, rubies and diamonds.

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