Ranking the “expensive slice” of the Fantasy Bra over the years (part 3)


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2002: Star of Victoria Fantasy Bra – 10 million USD

In 2002 marks the first time Karolina Kurkova performed Fantasy Bra. It consists of a 60 carat diamond with 1,600 emeralds and 1,150 rubies.

2004: Heavenly “70” Fantasy Bra – 10 million USD

In 2004, VSFS was not held as usual but was replaced by the Angels Across America tour, but the Fantasy Bra was not disappointing. Its highlight is the inflammation of diamonds up to 70 carats in the middle. The owner of Fantasy Bra that year was Tyra Banks.

2013: Royal Fantasy Bra – 10 million USD

The fantasy angel Candice Swanepoel in 2013 is made of 4,200 gems and 18K gold with the ruby teardrop image of a size of 52 carats.

2003: Very Sexy Fantasy Bra – 11 million USD

In 2003, Angel Heidi Klum performed the $ 11 million Fantasy Bra with the focus of a 70 carat diamond made from Excelsior, the third largest raw diamond in the world.

2001: Heavenly Star Bra – 12.5 million USD

2001 was the first year Fantasy Bra performed on the VSFS runway and the “open” angel for this tradition was Heidi Klum. The shirt is made from 1,200 pink sapphires with a highlight of a 90 carat diamond.

2005: Sexy Splendor Fantasy Bra – 12.5 million USD

In 2005, Angel Gisele Bundchen transformed into a super sexy “Noel” on VSFS with a Christmas inspired bead made of diamond and ruby.

2000: Red Hot Fantasy Bra – 15 million USD

The Bra 15 million USD in 2000. The angel Gisele Bundchen was not only the most expensive Fantasy Bra in VSFS history, but was also recognized by Guinness as the most expensive undergarment ever made. This product is made from 1,300 diamonds and rubies.


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